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A criminal is trying to simulate our email address as a falsified "sender" when one is sending fraudulent emails to people. We reported this matter to the appropriate law enforcement agency. In the event anybody receives an inappropriate email message with the sender's email address referring to our domain, please report such events immediately to your cyber crime law enforcement agency. Please note: we do not use electronic signatures on our documents. At the same time, any hand-signed or not signed document we release has a unique confidential electronic document tracking number.

Our expertise
Add-On Services
Examples: Reliability
Examples: NPI and TM

     Areas of business involvement:

♦ Surface Chemistry

Ø Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

Ø Analytical Chemistry

ØØ Environmental protection

Ø Scientific Instrumentation

Ø♦ Material Science

Ø♦ New Materials, Process and Product Development and Inspection

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